Booking a flight? Trying to select a hotel? Need help with a booking? Relax, we will tell you all that you need to know right here…
Hotel Booking
How can I book a multi-sector itinerary?
  Multi-sector hotel rooms and vacations can be booked by calling us on +91 92111 77444 (standard charges apply)
Can I make a booking over the phone?
  Yes, you can call us on +91 92111 77444 (standard charges apply)
How do I make a booking for group travel?

All group booking requests can be mailed to us at response@travelguru.com and we will revert to you within 24 hours. Alternately calling us on +91 92111 77444 (standard charges apply) with all details.

When looking for group bookings, we request you to please include as many details of your travel as possible, as number of adults and children travelling, preferred dates and destinations, budget, etc.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
  Whether a booking is made online or over the phone, a confirmation would be sent to you via e-mail, which would include your reservation number and travel details.
How can I make a hotel booking for a destination not listed on the site?
  You can send a request to us at response@travelguru.com and we will revert to you within 24 hours with options for hotels and holidays as per your requirements.
You can also call us on +91 92111 77444 (standard charges apply)
How will my hotel booking or vacation package be confirmed?
  For all hotel bookings made on the website, you will receive a confirmation number via e-mail.

For hotel and vacation packages booked over the phone, our reservation agents would process all your travel details and check for availability with the hotel. Your travel would be confirmed over e-mail as soon as we receive a confirmation from the hotel.
Flight Booking
How come your flight prices are cheaper than other OTA websites?
  This is simply because we do not charge any markups or fee for using our services.
Am I guaranteed the lowest fares?
  The fares displayed are provided by the airlines and do not include any additional fees payable for using Travelguru services. As such, you are assured of the lowest and best deals as applicable at the time of booking.
Can I book by calling your call centre?
  No, we do not provide the option of booking tickets by calling our call centre. You would be able to book tickets only on the individual airline website. For any booking-related queries, please contact the airline you booked with.
Why am I being redirected to another website?
  You would be redirected to the airline website for booking your flight directly on them. This is how we ensure you get the cheapest “web fares” that airlines promote.
What do you mean by "show combinations"?
  ‘Show combinations’ lets you filter different possible combinations of onward and return flights across different airlines (as well as connecting flights). You can then click on the individual airline links to book your flight directly on the airline website.
Why do I have to book my onward and return trips differently for combination flights?
  If you select combination flights, you would be re-directed to the individual airlines’ site. [For eg – for a Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi trip, onward travel (Delhi-Mumbai) on Jet Airways and return travel (Mumbai-Delhi) on Kingfisher Airlines, you would be required to book individually on Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines websites.]
Are taxes and booking fees included in the prices that you show?
  Yes, all prices shown include taxes and fees.
How do I cancel or change my flight reservation?
  We only search the flights for you. If you want to change your booking you need to contact the airline partner where you bought your ticket. Our partners section has a compiled list of phone numbers and addresses of all airline partners we search.
There are a lot of search results. How do I find the best one for me?
  You can use our filter box to show results as per your preferences. You can select or de-select airlines based on your own preferences. You can also filter according to flight timings, no. of stops and price.
Why does the airline website give me a different price than the one shown on Travelguru?
  While we try to keep our prices always up to date, airline change fares frequently - in particular for flights departing within a few days. If you find any pricing issues on our site, please let us know and we will try to fix them as soon as possible.
What payment modes are accepted?
  The payment mode accepted depends on the airline on which you are booking. In general, all airlines accept MasterCard and Visa and some also accept American Express and Diners Club. As an enhanced security measure, some airlines require an additional verification step – either Verified By Visa or Secure by MasterCard. When you are redirected to the airline page for making your booking, please pay attention to the payment modes available for you.
Who will be the merchant in my credit card statement?
  Your credit card statement would reflect the name of the airline partner against payments made.
I know a flight exists but it doesn't show up on Travelguru. Why?
  We try to be as comprehensive as possible but on a return flight you might have a number of possible combinations. Sometimes, we are unable to show you some flights due to a provider website being temporarily unavailable.
Can I search international flights on Travelguru?
  Our priority is to provide a comprehensive search for the Indian market first. However, please check back often to get updates on addition of flights on Travelguru.
Are international credit cards accepted?
  Some airlines accept International credit cards for payments. Please check for the icon in the ‘filter’ column to know which airlines accept International credit cards.
What does metasearch mean & how do I benefit from it?
  Simply put, a metasearch engine will check and display data from several airline websites simultaneously in order to find you the cheapest available fares. We’ve used the metasearch technology to get you the best deals and prices from all airline partners, thus enabling you to search, check & compare every possible flight combination across all airlines at one place.
Who powers your metasearch technology?
  Travelguru’s metasearch technology is provided by Zoomtra. It also searches across multiple OTA's - Travelocity, Akbartravelsonline & Goibibo & get the best deal.
Why is Travelguru using Metasearch technology now?
  The airline industry is in a state of change. Airlines now have introduced “web fares” – a web fare is a fare that an airline sells on its website which is much lower than what is sells through travel agents. With the increased rollout of web fares by airlines, we realized that customers who booked through travel agents – whether online or offline – were paying more than if they booked on the airline website direct. Hence we decided, in the interest of our customers, to use metasearch technology to ensure that they can book web fares on the airline website direct, hence saving costs.
Changes and Cancellations
Can I change my hotel booking?
  You may change your hotel reservation details. However, certain charges as per the hotel policies might be applicable.
What if my hotel voucher is lost or stolen?
  For hotel bookings, please report stolen or lost vouchers to us via phone or email and we will blacklist the same. We would then issue another voucher if it has not already been utilized.
How can I contact Travelguru?
  You can call us on +91 92111 77444 (standard charges apply).
You can also email us at response@travelguru.com and our agents would respond to you in less than 1 working day.
Payments and Charges
Will I have to pay any charges if I cancel my hotel or package booking?
  Cancellation policies and charges will depend on the hotel booked. Travelguru, will charge 3% of the total transaction amount as a processing charge for all cancellations above and beyond the charges by the hotel.
What forms of payments can I use when making a booking?
  • For online hotel bookings, only Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted.
  • For offline hotel and vacation bookings, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex cards are accepted.
  • We also accept payments by Visa Debit Cards issued by the following banks:
    - State Bank of India
    - HDFC bank
    - Axis Bank
    - Deutsche Bank
    - Karur Vysya Bank
    - Corp Bank
    - Indian Overseas Bank
    - ICICI Bank Debit Card
    Please note that certain cards might require a Verified by Visa (VBV) authentication. Kindly check with your bank for details.
  • Cash deposits in ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Citibank will also be accepted for hotels bookings.
  • We also offer a cash on delivery payment option for hotel bookings. Please refer to the section below for more details.
If I cancel a hotel or package booking, how does Travelguru refund me?
  Payments made by credit card will be reversed on the card after due intimation is made. Payments made by all other forms will be refunded by cheque, issued within two working days of making the cancellation. Any applicable cancellation charges will be applied prior to making refunds.
Credit Card Security
What is Travelguru Credit Card Security information ?
  Your credit card security is our priority while you transact with us. We have put in place many checks that ensure complete security for your credit card. We are keen to share this with you to reassure you of our commitment to your credit card data security.

Network Security
  • At a network level, your card information is protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology, provide by Thawte, the encryption technology industry leader.
  • All IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are tracked and stored. They are required to locate people who may use a card for fraudulent activities.

Physical Security

  • Our Customer Service Executives are not allowed to carry their mobile phones or any other personal belonging on the work floor.
  • Note pads given to Customer Service Executives is serial numbered and shredded in that order
  • Access to shopping websites is barred on the work floor.

Third party authorisation

  • For all transactions where the name of the card holder and the passenger differ, we insist on a Third Party Verification (TPA) process. The TPA is an internationally accepted methodology to check credit card fraud. Here we request the card holder to verify their card details and signatures in a faxed format, thus ensuring that the card holder is aware of the transaction.
  • Insist on a telephone landline and an address to facilitate investigations in the future, if required.
  • Cross check the validity of the transaction with the respective banker / card issuer. The Banker / Card issuer may call the call holder to authenticate this transaction.
We realise that some of these security processes look cumbersome. However our interest is not only in providing you the best in class travel product but also in ensuring that your data and security is truly protected. Hence we urge you to bear with us and help us to help you.
Privacy and Site Security
Is Travelguru.com a safe site to make online bookings?
  Yes, we are committed to protecting our customer’s information. Our staff of security technology professionals uses a range of the best security technology available. Your information is secured from unauthorized access from the Internet using the Thawte Certification Authority. We protect the connection between your computer and our server from eavesdropping through industry-standard encryption technology. We continually assess new technology for protecting your information to make sure that our information handling practices are in accordance with the highest industry standards and best practices on the Internet.
What is our privacy policy?
  Travelguru undertakes all possible measures to ensure that your personal details are not compromised. Please refer to our Privacy Policy outlines for measures undertaken by us to protect your personal details.
What are the terms and conditions that will apply to all bookings?
  All transactions undertaken on www.travelguru.com and over the phone with our reservation agents are subject to our terms and conditions. Please review these carefully prior to making bookings.